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Electrochromic Mirror FAQs

Electrochromic Mirror FAQs


What is an Electrochromic Mirror?

Unlike standard rearview mirrors, an Electrochromic Mirror has an Auto Dimmer switch with built-in sensors and cameras that detect and reduce the glare from headlights coming from trailing vehicles when driving at night. Even if passenger seating in the back may obstruct the rearview, newer advanced versions have built-in cameras (front and back) with panoramic viewing capabilities, allowing sensors to detect all around the car.

Some cars have rear cameras mounted on the back of the vehicle assisting to adjust dimming on rearview mirrors. Additionally, there are Side View Mirrors that are equipped with Electrochromic Mirrors as well that perform the same task.

It’s easy to spot an Electrochromic Rearview Mirror. Just look for an electrical cord coming from the top headliner above the windshield feeding directly into the back of the mirror. These mirrors also have a built-in compass and outside temperature display.

What is the Black Painted Border around the windshield perimeter?

The black painted border which is also called Frit serves dual purpose. It makes the windshield look nicely framed and obstruct exposure of internal panels and headliners, but its primary purpose is to block the sun beam from deteriorating the adhesive (under the glass) that structurally bonds the glass to the vehicle.

What is the Black Dotted (Speckled) area on the windshield behind the rearview mirror?

It’s called Third Visor Fit. It’s there to keep the sun out of your eyes as you are constantly looking through your rearview mirror as a safety measure. Every car has two fold-down visors – one on the passenger side and the other on the driver’s side. This is why it’s called the Third Visor Fit.


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