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Laminated Glass FAQs

Laminated Glass FAQs


What is Laminated Glass?

Laminated glass is basically made of two pieces of glass and a thin film (vinyl) interlayered in between. The interlayer vinyl serves as an adhesive to bond the two pieces of glass together giving it a structural integrity to keep it from shattering in order to prevent a bodily injury.

What happens when a Laminated Glass breaks?

The glass will tend to remain in tact in case one side is broken. It looks similar to a windshield crack.

What is the advantage of Laminated Glass?

Some of the key advantages of Laminated Glass, it blocks the UV-light, noise reductions and, making it difficult for burglars to break into your vehicle. More importantly, it keeps the occupant inside the vehicle in the event of a crash.

Are all Windshields Laminated?

Yes! All Windshield are Laminated regardless of their brand. They’re built in accordance with the safety standard of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and regulated by the Department of Transportation.

When was Laminated Windshield first introduced.

In 1966 all cars made in the US were equipped with Laminated Windshields.

Do they make Laminated Glass for Door windows?

Yes! Some vehicle models are equipped with Laminated door glasses mostly, on the front side.

How do I know if my car Door Glass is Laminated?

It is easy to spot a laminated door glass when it’s broken, usually would have a crack similar to the windshield crack. If your door glass isn’t broken, just roll it down halfway and, look at the edge of the glass and see if it has 2 layers of glass bonded together. If it just has one piece then, it’s a tempered glass. Laminated door glass cracks, Tempered door glass shatters when broken.

Do they make Laminated Glass for Rear Windows?

Yes but, few models. Some Mercedes Benz models are known to have all their glasses laminated.


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