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OEM Glass vs. Premium Glass

OEM Glass vs. Premium Glass


What is OEM GLASS?

Answer: It stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. The glass is made by the same Glass Manufacturer as original glass installed in your vehicle by the Automobile Manufacturer.

Who makes OEM Glass?

Answer: Automobile Manufacturers like GMC do not have their own auto glass factories. Instead, they outsource and, have a signed OEM agreement with Auto Glass Manufacturers such as Pilkington. Auto Glass Manufacturers build auto glasses according to GMC vehicle specifications including GMC LOGO stamped on every Glass as if the glass was built by GMC which is not the case.

Is OEM Glass better than Aftermarket Glass?

No doubt, OEM glass is much superior to the aftermarket glass which is discussed in a separate topic. In terms of durability and clarity, OEM is a better choice but, it costs more. Sometime double or triple of what you would pay for an aftermarket glass.

What is Premium Glass?

OEM glass is considered a Premium Glass or vice versa. When you insist on having to purchase an OEM glass directly from the Auto Dealerships, it’s considered a Premium Glass (LOGO stamped). Basically, you are getting the same original glass that came with your car at a premium price.

It’s important to understand the Automotive Industry uses the term OEM and Premium interchangeably. So, always ask to verify if the glass you are getting will it have a LOGO stamped on the glass or Not? If it does have a stamped LOGO then, it would be considered as Premium Glass.

Do Auto Glass Shops offer Premium Glass?

Yes! Local auto glass distributors that supply ONLY to licensed auto glass shops may carry Premium Glass (with logo) for certain cars usually the latest models and, probably for the same or bit less than what auto dealerships would charge but, it isn’t always the case. Prices may vary from one distributor to another. Also, Auto Glass shops buy a Premium Glasses from Auto Dealerships if it isn’t available through their local distributors.

I had my windshield replaced with an OEM brand but, it’s missing a LOGO?

Auto Glass Manufacturers build Glasses with LOGOs through an OEM agreement with Automobile Manufacturers. They also build same Glasses WITHOUT LOGOs bypassing the OEM agreement. The latter version is what was probably installed on your car which is normal in the Auto Glass Industry.

Does the OEM Glass W/O LOGO have the same quality features as the OEM Glass With LOGO?

YES and NO!


a. If it’s built by the same factory that produced the OEM Glass originally installed on your vehicle.
b. If it’s built by other Certified OEM Glass factories that also supply directly to all other Automobile Manufacturers.


It’s possible the Glass is outsourced and built by a third party for cost cutting purpose or they just simply can’t keep up with consumer market demand. Regardless of which company builds the Glass, they MUST and All do meet the safety standard of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Department of Transportation.


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