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Learn About Different Types of Car Windshields

Learn About Different Types of Car Windshields


Acoustic Windshield FAQs

What is an Acoustic Windshield?

Answer: Acoustic windshield is designed to reduce the noise level inside the vehicle cabin using sound absorbing technology. When cruising at a highway speed, the air pressure fluctuates against the windshield such as road noise and vibrations transmitted through the body structure. This is when the acoustic windshield plays its role by disallowing external noise to seep into the vehicle passenger cabin.

How is an Acoustic Windshield made?

Answer: The windshield structure consists of 2 layers of glass, one on each side and, an interlayer of a special thin film called PVB (Poly Vinyl Butyral) bonded in between 2 glass layers. The major application of PVB is for laminated safety glass for windshields.

Is an Acoustic Windshield Laminated?

Answer: Yes! All windshields are laminated irrespective of their features.

How do I know if my Windshield has a built-in Acoustic feature?

Answer: It is easy to identify an Acoustic Windshields, just look for the markings shown below on the bottom left or bottom right side of your windshield. Acoustic windshields are also called Laminated SoundMaster.

Heated Windshield FAQs

What is a Heated Windshield?

The windshield contains electric heating elements across the lower part of the glass resembling copper lines similar to ones you see on printed circuit boards. The heating elements are laminated inside the glass to help defrost the windshield faster and prevent the wipers from freezing on the glass. Some Land Rover windshields are known to have heating elements laminated across the entire windshield but, extremely thin, not visible to human eye unless observed closely for detection.

Solar Coated Windshield FAQs

What is a Solar Coated Windshield?

The windshield is coated with a special infrared reflective coating (UV reflecting film) laminated between 2 pieces of glass to reflect sunbeams entering the vehicle cabin. The main benefit is to keep inside the car cool as well as protecting occupants from sun exposure.

Thereby, reducing damage to the interior but, tends to block off some communication signals such as cameras, radar/laser detectors and toll transponders. The coating makes the windshield look glossy bluish or purplish. Rarely used on luxury cars and expensive too.


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