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What is Aftermarket Glass?

Aftermarket Glass FAQs


What does Aftermarket Glass mean?

Basically what it means, a market for spare parts supplying directly to consumers through a third party at a lower cost. Contrary to expensive OEM brands, aftermarket glasses are affordable to consumers especially, for insurance companies to keep premiums at low rate.

All aftermarket auto glasses built in the U.S. including imported glasses that are sold in the U.S. market must and they do meet the safety standard of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration therefore, regulated by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Are all Auto Glasses available in the Aftermarket brands?

The answer is NO and there are many reasons why Aftermarket Glass isn’t always available.

  1. Insufficient quantity of older model vehicles as they grow older though still in operation, their demand for glass would diminish gradually leading to discontinue in production. The older the model, the lesser in demand especially, classic cars.
  2. Supply and demand is dictated based on the amount of certain car models built in particular year. Basically, not enough in demand to offset the cost of production becomes a leading factor.
  3. Certain glasses are expensive to manufacture due to complex design (curvature). Some require high quality of materials to build them such as, chrome and electronic sensor brackets.
  4. Luxury and sports cars built in limited quantities irrespective of their price tag may not be cost-effective for the aftermarket auto glass factories to produce even if the glass is an open source design.
  5. Many Automobile Manufacturers have copyrights protecting their brands on some Luxury and Sports cars restricting aftermarket glass production. Certain glasses are always and only available through auto dealerships.

What is OEE Glass?

OEE stands for Original Equipment Equivalent. Just another term for Aftermarket brand.


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