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Windshield Sensors FAQs

Windshield Sensors FAQs


What is a Rain Sensor?

A rain sensor is a switching device activated by rainfall. If the glass is wet or detects raindrops, the sensor will trigger the wipers to go “ON” mode. Most vehicles with this feature have an “AUTO” position that should be turned off when going into the car wash.

Although rain sensors are built in various shapes and form, they all perform the same function. Most common rain sensors come in 2 shapes. The circular shape is attached next to the rearview mirror and, the most popular ones are square or rectangular shaped box hidden under plastic cover adjoining the rearview mirror.

You can always spot the rain sensor from outside of the windshield usually located on the top center with rectangular or small circular shape in blue or purplish color. Some have distinctive feature resembling several LEDs arranged in rectangular formation.

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What is a Condensation Sensor?

It’s a device mounted on your windshield (behind the rearview mirror) similar to Rain sensor functionality. Once it detects humidity or fog accumulating on your windshield (from inside), it redirects the airflow from the vents toward the windshield to clear the fog, which increases visibility.

If your car has a factory-equipped heated windshield, the condensation sensor will automatically trigger the defrost switch to ON. It will then turn OFF once the fog dissipates.

What is a Light Sensor?

A small device mounted on your dashboard or behind the rearview mirror. It determines the condition of outside ambient light. The sensor will automatically turn the headlights on whenever it detects dark conditions, such as poor weather, deteriorating light, tunnels or darkness.

In the instance you drive through a tunnel during daylight, your headlights will automatically go ON and your dashboard lights brighten. Once you exit the tunnel, your dashboard lights will dim and your headlights will turn off. You can always adjust the timing settings by consulting the vehicle owner’s manual.


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